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"It isn't being green..." laments Kermit the Frog. He must not have tried our Pure Japanese Matcha. Micro-ground goodness full of antioxidants and more good stuff...it's a mega SUPERFOOD! Easy and instant; sometimes it is easy to be green.

DOMO™ Pure Japanese Matcha is harvested and created from the highest quality shade-grown, green tea leaves. Our Matcha provides outstanding flavor and promotes health, focus and vitality. Because it contains L-Theanine, a naturally occurring free-form amino acid, you get your caffeine without the jitters. It also aids in weight loss too!

 Mixes best with a bamboo whisk. Be a whisk-taker and try it out!

Micro-ground tea is healthier than regular steeped tea because you consume the entire leaf. This has the added benefit of no tea-bag waste and reduced clean-up as there are no diffusers necessary!

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